The group


Our history

DEHONDT COMPOSITES is the strategic intent of DEHONDT Group diversification of activities into new jobs of the future oriented composites. This process is initiated since 2003 to open new opportunities for the long flax fiber in parallel current opportunities “textiles”.

Today DEHONDT COMPOSITES positioned provider reinforcement and associated semi -products, exploiting the intrinsic qualities of the technical flax fiber , namely:

  • Its lightness
  • Its technical performance
  • His character as biobased fiber comes from a renewable resource
  • His recyclability

For over 60 years, Dehondt Group accompanies life flax and vegetable fibers bringing modernization and innovation, harvest processing of raw materials. As such, Dehondt Group is part of BPI EXCELLENCE network label, is a member of Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV equivalent Living Heritage Company) and founder of the chain created FIMALIN member since 2009.

Who are we ?

Our activities: design, manufacture, marketing of equipment for harvesting, processing and packaging plant fibers, including flax and hemp plant.

Operation of our know-how on new futures trades : diversification in the manufacture of fiber reinforcements technical flax for use in composite materials including transport, marine, building, sports and leisure, electronics…

DEHONDT COMPOSITES is based on 3 pillars of DEHONDT Group to meet the needs of manufacturers of composite materials with innovative products and new methods of implementation.

The combination of these skills allows DEHONDT COMPOSITES implement the most efficient products on the market taking into account the triptych Cost – Quality – Time.


DEHONDT Technologies Developpement has built its national and international development on a thorough knowledge of the fiber, its culture transformation. His farm diversification flax as reinforcement in plastics / composites and came naturally! This new market requires a material that must be prepared with different from those used in the textile industry tools. Since 2003, the group creates innovative industrial processing flax for these new technical applications.


HELP CONSEILS is the engineering part and Innovation group with always a process of adding value to products.


LINUM, complementary, providing expertise on the cultivation, processing material “pilot” . It provides the upstream relay this string to prepare future equipment for harvesting and processing.

DEHONDT COMPOSITES produces a wide range of reinforcing fibers from Lin Technique Composites®.