Technical flax composites, an open organization in movement.

Labeling of FIABILIN project in Future Investments.


Project structuring industrialization of bio-based high performance thermoplastic composites reinforced with flax fiber and contributing to the emergence of a chain of dedicated technical flax in France.
4 priority market segments :

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Building


The FIABILIN project comes from the process initiated by the FiMaLin association to create, organize and promote a new line of technical flax in France. It aims to be both :

  • The backbone of the industry technical flax in France ;
  • The engine of a model change to adapt the raw material and supply the performance requirements of composite
  • An international showcase of French technological expertise on high performance composites.


  • Controlling the supply of long flax fiber reinforcements,
  • Master the composites in terms of performance and competitiveness
  • Mastering the industrial unit for the production of these eco-designed products.

To achieve these objectives, flax fiber reinforcements and associated semi- products will be designed on a new technology platform created by DEHONDT Group (FLAX TECHNIC).

This tool integrates innovative industrial equipment used for development of “materials” solutions for the partners providing the implementation of finished parts and will produce pre- series prototypes of the future high-performance technical fabrics.

The first industrial applications FIABILIN are expected within three to five years.

CONSORTIUM (15 partners)

Arkema France, C & D ADDER ( ZODIAC Group), Coriolis COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGIES, DEDIENNE MULTIPLASTURGY GROUP, DEHONDT TECHNOLOGIES, FIBROLINE France, MAGNA STEYR, SAERTEX France, SCHAPPES TECHNIQUES, SPBI ( Beneteau Group) TERRE DE LIN, CETIM ( Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques ) ARMINES (Association for Research Methods and industrial processes), UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH BRITAIN, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1


60 months : 4 YEARS + 1 YEAR of industrialization

 CLUSTERS COMPETITIVENESS who labeled the project :

  • MOVEO (Automotive – Normandy & Ile de France )
  • EMC ² ( Aerospace – Pays de la Loire)
  • TECHTERA (Technical Textiles – Rhône- Alpes)


Total budget : 18 MILLION EUROS

With 6.8 million in grants and repayable advances from OSEO and local authorities

Using the Haute Normandie region for DEHONDT and TERRE DE LIN : 437140 Euros

For Dehondt Group , this funding will :

  • carry out development studies
  • to operate a technology platform formatting fiber reinforcement technical flax
  • promote Green Technology innovative and high added value
  • sustain jobs within the company and recruit several engineering positions, technicians and operators at the end of project
  • to develop human skills on these new professions.


The FIABILIN project is ambitious because of the number of partners, industry sectors and potential economic benefits.

For DEHONDT, it is an important project that will enable it to strengthen its position in the new industrial jobs in the field of bio-based high performance composite materials.

This project will diversify its activities through its commercial division Flax Technic ® and export development.

Applications referred to in this project (automotive, marine, aerospace, etc. .. ) will also showcase the expertise of the Dehondt Group , the result of work carried out since 2003.

The Dehondt Group since its inception in 1953, has been constantly innovating and that you want to change the culture surfaces flax for its current market of equipment for harvesting and processing of natural fibers